Proper color temperature for lighting in an art gallery?


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is that what they call it?..... and is there such a 'dimmer widget' available ? I never get the memo out in the sticks Brant....:happysad:~RJ~
Manufacturers have various ways of accomplishing this .... some can be tunable with 0-10v wall dimmers. Aculux has a 0-10v fixture that’s field selectable between dimmable and tunable. Most use DALI or DMX type controls and are integrated into a building control system.

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Color Temp isn't really what you are after, you should be Looking at CRI. The sun has a CRI of 100, meaning colors look 100% correct in the sun. Different light sources have a varying % or color correctness. For retail purposes, anything over 90 is awesom, anything over 80 is pretty darn good. When dealing with paintings, careful of UV damage.
Also, some manufactures make lighting sources that have variable Color Temp which can help you dial in the correct color team for each painting. Can save alot of call backs and lamp changes if you use variable sources.


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Agree that color temperature is not that important, and may come down to the personal preference of the person in charge. Good color rendering is most important, at least 90 CRI.
Very low UV is important , but almost all LEDs are virtually Zero UV.
If the artworks are of significant value, then the lighting should be much reduced when visitors are not present to reduce ageing of the art and to save energy, but ensure that sufficient light remains for security cameras and for any security patrols.