Pull Box accessible?

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An electrical contractor mounted a 12"x18" pullbox for a panel feeder close to a wall. The carpenter hung a layin ceiling just below the pullbox. The 18" dimension is split in two by a ceiling main T. Four inches are on one side of the T and 14" on the other side of the T. Is this box in violation of 314.29 that states it "can be rendered accessible without removing any part of the building"? The main T could be removed for access to the box but it would take time and be a little expensive. Is the layin ceiling "part of the building"? Thanks for your help!
The cover can be removed without removing the T bar but pulling wire in the future would be difficult with the T bar where it is. Not impossible, but difficult.


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A little difficult is permitted - just need to be able to access the pull box.

BTW - removing the T-main really isn't all that hard or expensive. We're talking a few screws typically [just an opinion, as I have had to remove them in the past].


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Since the cover can be removed and box is accessible I don't see a problem (with the exception of an angry electrician). This is a pretty common occurrence in buildings with hung ceilings.
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