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What do you think of the proposal for the TR receptacles?? I suppose this mean that those '2 wire non grounded' receptacles in old homes with knob and tube has to have 'TR' gfci receptacles when you replace them when they are bad since they dont make TR 2 wire receptacles.

Section 406.3 (D):
A new sub-paragraph (4) was added to 406.3(D) to read (4) Tamper Resistant Receptacles. Listed tamper-resistant receptacles shall be provided where replacements are made at receptacle outlets that are required to be tamper-resistant elsewhere in this Code.
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As far as I am concerned the new wording for the 2011 just clarifies what is already required by the 2008 NEC.
Well from what Ive seen from others, and even on this forum, there have been different interpetations/debate of that. Some say if its a 2 wire nongrounding receptacle then it can be replaced with a NON t.r. 2 wire non grounding receptacle. Others were claiming that it would have to be t.r. which would most likely trigger the gfci t.r.(if there were no grounding means in the box) because no one makes a t.r. non grounding 2 wire receptacle.

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I relocated this post. Also, the this topic is for proposals and comments. If you don't like the code section, make a proposal, complaining does nothing to improve the NEC.
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