Request a simple outline for using mike holt's Journeyman and master prep course

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It has been awhile since I posted so, here goes
I am starting to assist my two best apprentices for the journeyman's exam.
I would like an outline to help them use the material I have purchased.
I purchased the ultimate library along with the extras for journeyman and master too.
Both have good electrical background and OJT skills.
However even though I am starting them on the Electrical Theory I am unsure how to proceed in order to give them the best advantage and chances to learn and pass the exams.

Ideas, and comments are appreciated



Did you get the Comprehensive Library w/ DVD's? I don't see the Ultimate, only Basic, Intermediate & Comprehensive.

I've been studying using the Comprehensive package for the master license and it's a great package. I basically started with the theory books and DVD's. I watch the DVD's and read along in the workbook. Than onto the Understanding NEC workbooks & DVD's while referencing the NEC and highlighting, underlining, etc.., than there is a exam prep book with almost 3200 questions and a final practice exam. There is actually an outline in the beginning of this particular book to guide those studying for Journeyman or Master / Contractor.

The beginning of the workbooks have some guidelines for studying & preparation. Its a good idea to have such things as a notepad, multiple color highlighters, red pen & small flexible ruler. Taking all the tests in the workbooks are important and I particularly write my answers to the questions in a notebook, than reference the answer keys and mark in red the questions I get wrong.
It's best to just follow the material in order with a good understanding of theory before moving on to the code study material. Also the DVD's are an invaluable resource while studying along in the workbooks and referencing the NEC, providing extra reinforcement, knowledge not in the workbooks, fun facts, humor and overall making the studying process more smooth and enjoyable.
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