Requirments to get low voltage cirtification in washington state


I reside in Canada, 15 min from the border and want to know if its possible for a non resident of washington state to work for a employer across the border and then take the low voltage certification test.

If no one know the answer that is fine. If I decide to move, what are the low voltage certification requirements to take the test? I have installed, terminated, tested no less then 100k feet of cat3,5e,25 pair of cable in about ever kind of construction. Are there rules that I have to prove my experience? What are books that I can read to help pass the state low voltage examinations?

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OK, In Washington, contractors are licensed and electricians are certified.
We have 15 different types of certifications and licenses. Such as 01 Journey Level electrician, 02 Residential.
09 is telecommunications, and the way the law was passes in 2000, telecom installers are not required to be certified, but the contractor is. An electrical contractor is required to have an assigned administrator. Anyone can be an administrator. You apply to the states testing contractor to take the exam
go here
and then download the exam candidates information at the bottom of the page. It will tell you what sections of the NEC to study from.
The other route is to become an 06 limited energy electrician, that takes 4,000 hours of supervised training, and then passing a test. An 06 can do much more than an 09.
So you could find a telecom contractor and go to work tomorrow...