Residential load calc for existing dwelling


Arvada, Co
I am doing a load calculation on a home to see if it can have 2 spas added. How does one add a spa/hot tub into into a load calculation under 220.82 and 220.83? Can it be added in as appliance and subject to the 100%-40% demand factor for appliances/general lighting and receps or should it be taken at 100% of its rated amperage? And if the spa is rated at 48A but manufacturer calls for a 60A ocpd do you use the 48A value or the 60A(60A being 125% of the actual load of the spa).

Also since a laundry circuit is used in the calculation would you add in the load of the actual washer as an appliance or is the 1500va for laundry circuit already covering the use of any washer?

Any help and or info would be greatly appreciated!