Reversing single phase AC motor rotation direction.


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Dear All,

Could anyone please tell me how to reverse the rotational direction of a single phase AC motor?

Thank you in advance.

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More information on the type of motor is needed - some are designed to not be reversible - like say the necessary leads to switch were not made accessible to be able to switch them.

First thing is knowing if it is an induction motor or wound rotor motor.

If an induction motor there are several types, split phase, capacitor start, capacitor start - capacitor run all require reversing two leads to change polarity between main and aux windings, if the manufacturer does not bring all the leads to the termination box you may not be able to reverse it. Shaded pole motors need to have the rotor physically removed and turned 180 degrees to reverse rotation - this again can depend on the design of the motor if that is even possible to do.


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Reversing the polarity of the "Start" winding, in relationship to the "Run" winding, reverses the direction of rotation of all single-phase alternating current (AC) motors