Revit Calculation Question

charlie b

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Seattle, WA
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I am reviewing a design for which the VD calculation was performed using the Revit model. The results display conductor lengths to the nearest 1/32 inch. The actual installed lengths could easily be plus or minus 10 feet or more of what Revit calculated the lengths to be. The calculated VD values could be off by a similar percentage. Does anyone know how to tell Revit to round lengths to the nearest foot, so that the printed results don't look as "silly"?


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Under the Manage ribbon, under "Project Settings" and "Units". You can change to round to the nearest inch, or foot. Of course, that will change the precision for all lengths. And you won't get it to round to anything greater than 1':

So you need a more targeted approach, with the ability to round more. So try this example:

You basically have to create a new calculated parameter, and place that parameter in the schedule. Then you can hide the actual length. (I'll try to attach an image.) The formula you need to round off to 10' is:

roundup(Length / 10') * 10'

(Here I'm assuming "Length" is the parameter you want to round off. If not, change "Length" to the name of your parameter.)

Notice that Revit expects formulas to include units.