RFP for commercial LED upgrades in Illinois (Skokie/Orland Park/Calumet City/Vernon Hills)

We are an out-of-state ESCO looking for a licensed electrical contractor to submit pricing for labor only on a multi-site retail project.

If interested in any of the 4 locations, please get in touch with me and I can provide details and site plans.

Thank you.


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What is an "ESCO"...have never heard that term.
ESCO= Energy Service Companies

Basically , I think it’s a company that goes into a businesses and designs/converts buildings to become energy efficient

-low wattage light fixtures
-timers/motion on lights
-AC/heating/lighting systems on BMS
Correct. We are licensed in NJ but can not perform work in IL while obtaining rebates for LED upgrade projects.

We are looking to sub-contract out to a contractor who can.