Safety of Existing Equipment not being worked on


Milwaukee, WI
Electrical Engineer
Just an FYI for anyone following this thread: I have definitely got people's attention on this one. I think it is going in the right direction, the only thing that has me concerned is that now people are going to fight over who's department is responsible to pay for it and that may delay it, but everyone seems to be in agreement that this panel has got to be replaced sooner rather than later. It seems it got this way because people were under the impression it was abandoned and not used. I think they got this impression because many of the loads had been removed, but not all. There's other concerning details I won't share here, but I can sort of see how someone got that impression. When I had an electrician verify that in fact, the cabinet was energized and in use it got people very concerned. I've learned to never assume anything is de-energized. Always verify, verify, verify...