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I just looked at the new Porter Cable adjustable blade angle sawsall. The blade rotates 360?, and the front part adjusts 180?. It looks real good.

I don't need one but will likely buy it anyway.
Price is about two hundred.

Take a look at it, may be a time saver.

curt swartz

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Re: Sawsall


Why don't you buy one online and have it shipped to me that way I can test it out for you. :)



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Re: Sawsall

As long as you are ordering you might just as well have one sent to me too. I'll settle for the $79. plain jane dewalt.
Re: Sawsall

i use the 18 volts sawall ( dewalt ) alot and it work really super and if you want it best bet is to buy in kit like 4 in 1 or 5 in 1 tools and have good price my have : 1/2 inch hammerdrill ; flashlight ; skillsaw type : sawall and 2 battries and charger the last time i spend it was about 450 range i dont remeber excat price but can check out few places and i use cordless drill alot near live wires etc it is big timesaver

merci marc
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