seal off class 1 div1

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Just a sanity check on some low voltage dc fire alarm devices and conduit in rated room, the conduit entering the room is sealed just outside entry point w/in 18" and there are 4 rated devices within hazard, does the conduit entry to each device need to be sealed also? Would these falled under enclosure description for switches etc?


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You'll need to install to meet the design of your devices and your classification. Is it Div. 1 or Div. 2? There FA strobes and horns that are factory sealed, Div 1 approved and no seal would be required at device. Some may be Div.2 approved and can't be installed in a Div. 1 area. A typical, general purpose smoke detector can't go in a hazardous area.

You may have intrinsically safe pull stations that would require a completely separate raceway system, but the devices would not need a seal.

Low voltage does not mean it is safe for hazardous areas. Know your design before you establish your installation methods.
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