Separating conductors in a wire trough or wireway - Means and Methods


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There are cases when the NEC requires separating conductors in wireways and wire troughs. One example is 690.31(B) for AC and DC, and another example is when you have circuits above 600V and standard circuits below 600V with standard 600V wiring. Obviously someone could run separate wireways, but this is both costly and can be difficult to lay out.

Does anyone have any recommended products to use for separating cables in this wiring method, that allows easy wire entry and exit along the length?
Most of the time, I end up having to improvise with something like vinyl siding, split-loom tubing or wire duct. Unless I'm just bad at finding it, partitions do not exist as a manufactured product compatible with most troughs available.


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I might just go to Tap Plastics and see what they have. They're a bit expensive but they have quite a few options and will cut it to the exact dimensions you want.