Series Circuit


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Ok, so I purchased a few of these to tinker with (more to come latter):

That specific model pictured above has one heating element, and it is in series with the motor. I've never seen this done before. Plugged in I'd say it puts out about 300 watts of power at 240 volts. 1,200 watts is simply Chinese marketing.

So I'm guessing 1.25 amps. 1.25 x 12 volts = 15 watts. I'm guessing that is too high for a small DC motor, so I'm thinking a 6 volt or 3 volt motor instead?

Normally, even in a small hair dryer the motor just taps the coil toward its end to get 12 volts:


Or, in the alternate case, the motor has its own smaller heating element:


Any reason for all these variants or is it just arbitrary? Did they go with a 3 volt motor just to ditch the (what I assume) to be 12 volt design which required varying size series heaters or two heaters?