Should LED luminaires become standardized?

peter d

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Other than the drivers offered by the major ballast manufacturers, there is no standardization in the LED luminaire industry. Should NEMA begin standardization, or should the industry remain with proprietary designs as it does now? Granted, I'm sure the manufacturers will begin to offer replacement parts down the road, but as it stands we have throw away products at the end of their useful life.


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This is the worst thread I have ever started. :happyyes:
that's a pretty bold statement.

and the current disarray in lighting benefits the manufacturers,
so i don't see it changing any time soon.

and when you are done snarking about the luminares, if you
really want to find a new bottom rung, start one on the controls.
proprietary architecture, no interchangeability, and in this state
anyway, you can't substitute a control system for a competitors,
so no shopping the industry.

the controls aren't even stocked in most wholesale houses.
call around and try to find a nLight gateway, or a bluetooth programming
interface, or, perish the thought, a *demand response interface*.

they won't even sell you one of those without getting a copy of engineered
drawings. never mind that demand response device is 2" square, an inch thick,
and costs $1,400 wholesale.

i can score dope in downtown santa ana without references easier than i can
buy a light switch here. honest, and no joke.

peter d

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Why not let the market titans battle it out the same way it happened with HDVD and blu ray?
So far, that is what's happening. The major downside is that replacement parts are not readily available and are only available from the manufacturer.