Solid vs Stranded


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Here is the listed class 1 down conductor I am using for a 780 compliant lighting protection system for a solar ground mount. 32 strands of 17 gauge wire in basket weave. 65,500 circular mil cross section. That basket weave appears to be at all layers - impressive stuff.
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But how can it be a MHz event when it is in fact a brief DC flow? (I have a theory {similar to a DC transmission displaying capacitance and inductance when first energized} , but want to hear an unbiased take)
The first Marconi radio transmissions were spark gap transmitters. The spark gap was the only way at the time to generate RF. The arc itself is said to contain all frequencies of the spectrum. There were no tuning filter circuits, just the spark gap, the antenna, and the ground connection. Tuned filter circuit transmitters / receivers was Tesla's invention.

Power required for the spark gap transmitter was enormous and dropped to much less with Tesla type radio transmission.