spark when plugging in washer

A customer plugs/unplugs their washer often for some reason, It arcs a little when you plug it in. My helper replaced the outlet and it still arcs a little he says. a two year old washer. He says it is not turned on when he plugs it in. After plugging it in, he hits the ' on' button for the display to show. I'm thinking it shouldn't arc with it turned off. Any idea ?


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I'm guessing that there's a low voltage power supply for the control panel that is always on, at that is what's drawing the spark. The 'ON" and "OFF" buttons are most likely not a physical switch controlling the 120V AC directly, but just a digital input to a processor on a control board.
I see that grich had the same idea before I could post this.


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Does cust see or hear a spark. Usually hard to see a small spark in room/daylight.

Tell cust that's the free charge (power) from the poco, because poco knows when a washer is plugged in, and they are doing that as part of their "give back" program........... then take pic of cust face (or video it) ;)
Tell cust to stand back 6ft when plugging it in, for safety reasons ;)
Tell cust to wear some ear muffs, the spark will then go away ;)