Spreadsheet troubles again


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I've been using Excel 2010 quite happily for some years. Notices that it will no longer be supported eventually led me to "Office". It saves everything to Onedrive. Slick, I can access with my iPad and the spread sheet works as it should. Unfortunately when I try to use my desktop the formulas show up where I should have results. ??? The SS was designed and worked with 2010 at one time.

Suggestions as to what I am doing wrong? (Other than it's time to retire.)

jim dungar

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The ability to open a project that might have external links can be a concern, so many times the spreadsheets will come in in a 'safe mode'. This requires you to take a specific action, such as open as editable, or as Dennis suggested.

I think this is more of an issue with Office 365, but I have already told you more than I know.