SSBJ with multiple service enclosures

I have to do a 400A CT metered service that will have two separate 200A service disconnects in separate enclosures. The POCO has the following rule:

Connection to the grounded service conductor (neutral) must not be used to bond current transformer enclosures. Bonding must be derived from the service main grounding point.
Ok so it appears I need to bond the CT cabinet to the neutral conductor(s) in the service disconnects. I am not seeing anything in the code that directs me how to connect the SSBJ to a service with multiple enclosures. 250.92(B)(1) just says to bond to the grounded conductor. My instinct tells me to run a SSBJ from EACH service disconnect enclosure's grounded conductor to the CT cabinet,effectively just treating the grounded conductors like they were parallel conductors, even though they are not. Do others agree?
Makes sense to me. I wonder what their beef is with just using the grounded conductor in the CT can?
Yeah who knows. For some reason its ok for self contained sockets but not a CT can? I think the code should clarify this SSBJ issue. After all they do provide detailed instruction for the GEC connection to services with multiple enclosures.