Stranded Wire under box ground screw


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Isn't that all 'voltage rated' connectors can also be used on grounding conductors, but 'grounding rated' connectors can be used only for grounding.

Ideal kind of forced this new category when they put the hole in the top of their 'greenie'.
The code does not say it that way. It says all listed pressure connectors can be used for grounding and bonding. I agree that the change was forced by Ideal and as I recall they almost got away with it as the "list pressure connector" item was added at the ROC.
250.8 Connection of Grounding and Bonding Equipment.
(A) Permitted Methods. Equipment grounding conductors, grounding electrode conductors, and bonding jumpers shall be connected by one of the following means:
(1) Listed pressure connectors
(2) Terminal bars
(3) Pressure connectors listed as grounding and bonding equipment
(4) Exothermic welding process
(5) Machine screw-type fasteners that engage not less than two threads or are secured with a nut
(6) Thread-forming machine screws that engage not less than two threads in the enclosure
(7) Connections that are part of a listed assembly
(8) Other listed means