Synchronous Virtual Learning CEUs for NC Board

Merry Christmas


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Does anyone know of where one may obtain 'Synchronous Virtual Learning' for their CEUs as described by the NC Board below?

"The Board approved virtual Synchronous Virtual Learning beginning October 1, 2020, on a temporary basis for classes provided until June 30, 2021, under the regulatory flexibility provided by Session Law “2020-97”. Providers would have to apply before the Governor rescinded his Executive COVID Virus Order or March 31, 2021 which ever one is first. The Board instructed staff to edit the guidelines as well as drafting survey questions to be mandatory at the end of the synchronous virtual learning classrooms. Classrooms shall not be over 25 attendees. Classes with 13 to 25 attendees will require an additional proctor to observe the attendees. The providers will be responsible for collecting the surveys before giving credit to attendees and provide the results to the Board."

Sure beats in person learning.

Thanks for the input.