Tapping outside of main breaker panel


Houston, Texas
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This TDU out of San Antonio TX. requires taps to be in a "tap box". the layout goes, rev. meter -tap box - pv meter. because of limitations on space available to hang our electrical panels. are there codes on the allowable distance between tap box and main service panel?


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You're talking about a supply side connection? I'm going to assume you mean a tap box on the utility side of the main service disconnecting means.

You asked about the distance between the tap box and the main service panel. I don't believe there are any specific limitations on this, just the normal rule that the service disconnecting means must be outside the building or 'inside nearest the point of entrance'. (230.70(A)(1).

If you want to know about the PV branch from the tap, that is a bit more complicated.

(BTW, I don't know what TDU stands for.)