Tests as measuring instruments

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If you actually know the answers, getting 0% is a cinch; just choose the wrong ones :D.

That would only work if 0% is your goal, which it rarely would ever be. Most likely, your goal would be 100%, which goes without saying, and you'd at least try to get the questions correct that you think you can.

There are tests where every wrong answer counts as a negative fractional point, and every correct answer counts for 1 point, in order for random guessing to give you an expected score of 0. Leaving a question blank would have an advantage over guessing, on questions you didn't know. Given 5 choices each question, it would take 1 correct answer to correct for the negative score of 4 wrong answers. If I remember correctly, I think the SAT's worked like that, when I took them in the early 2000's.