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Will today the start of Hanukkah and XMAs approaching I just want to say happy holidays and THANKS VERY MUCH to everyone that has helped me with my questions. I am not as dumb as some of my questions apear:p. and I know some want to vomit at the sight of my posts. I really wish I could give back some way as I feel I am getting some good training/ information. Does anyone here have a charity that is near and dear to them that I could donate a little something to? Or maybe I can help someone someway.... maybe give them some estimating lessons(yeah right...just kidding:lol:.) You guys on here are incredibly helpful and I feel very much in debt to some of you and what I am expressing here is no line of sh&%. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Donations/Contributions gladly accepted

Donations/Contributions gladly accepted

You can support the Barclay Scotch Removal Project.
We try to combat alcohol abuse by removing as much Single Malt Scotch from the general supply as possible.
Every little liter helps.


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I would encourage everyone to donate a pint of blood at your local blood bank. A 121

Pint donor here over the Span of thirty years. Merry Christmas and have a safe New Year.


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The John Childress Poor House Fund. It's a fund I set up to keep me out of the poor house, so far I owe it $20.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone out there too.

Got one more day to work and then I'm off until after the first.:happyyes:


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Whenever I want to know the fundamentals of a particular subject, now I just search through your original posts. THANKS.