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Welcome aboard as a moderator. Is there a form like the proposal form for TIAs? I think that the rule that was in 210.4(D) for identification of ungrounded conductors as to both phase and voltage where there are multiple systems in the building should be restored. The new rule found in 210.5(C) only requires identification by voltage system and not by phase. This oversight could lead to overloaded grounded conductors in multiwire branch circuits.


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Thank you for your kind welcome.

The procedures for a TIA are outlined in Section 5 of the NFPAs Regulations Governing Committee Projects.

The format for making a TIA Proposal may be the same as any regular Proposal. Along with notifying the Secretary of the Standards Council that it is specifically a TIA Proposal there are several additional hurtles:

1. The original TIA must be endorsed specifically by a CMP or TCC member.
2. The TIA must specifically address one of the following:
  • <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">(a) The document contains an error or an omission that was overlooked during a regular revision process.
    (b) The document contains a conflict within the document or with another NFPA document.
    (c) The proposed TIA intends to correct a previously unknown existing hazard.
    (d) The proposed TIA intends to offer to the public a benefit that would lessen a recognized (known) hazard or ameliorate a continuing dangerous condition or situation.
    (e) The proposed TIA intends to accomplish a recognition of an advance in the art of safeguarding property or life where an alternative method is not in current use or is unavailable to the public.
    (f) The proposed TIA intends to correct a circumstance in which the revised document has resulted in an adverse impact on a product or method that was inadvertently overlooked in the total revision process, or was without adequate technical (safety) justification f or the action.</font>
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif"> 3. Both the CMP and the TCC must approve the Proposal separately and specifically for both technical merit and emergency nature. It also requires three-fourths rather than the two-thirds approval.

It will also go through the Public review, generally through announcement through NFPA?s regular publications and the Website.
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