Tradeing work for junk?

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ITO said:
One wanted to trade jewelry for what he owed me, and the other wanted to renegotiate the contract after the work was done.
Gee, I've never been offered jewelry. :rolleyes:


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Pullnwire said:
A year ago, I was referred to a property owner by my wholesale house. He came in and bought 36 2x4 parabolic troffers. He needed someone to install them for him. I met him at the job, gave him a qoute that he immediatley agreed to and signed. We started the next day, along with t-bar guys replacing tiles, carpet layers, and painters, all of whom I was not told about. it took us two days to r&r the fixtures. I called him to let him know we were done, and he wanted to pay right away, like this minute. I did not want to turn him down, so I drove 10 miles and met him in the parking lot of an abandoned nightclub. We waited about 10 minutes, and he pulls up in his Porsche suv and asks me to get in. I had a strange feeling, but were were in broad daylight, on a busy street, and my partner (brother) was waiting in the truck. So I sat down in his car, left the door open, with one leg out, and he wanted to Know if cash was ok. Perfect I said, :D (So, do I get a discount, ya, know, for cash? You dont have to claim it, I wont 1099 you. I told him that I still had overhead and payroll and the money was going into the bank, therefore going on my books, So no discount. I also let him know I was being nice because I was not charging extra for working arround all the other trades, when I was told it would be just me. He grumpily handed over $2000 cash, and told me he had alot more work at other sites. that was a year ago! He must have found some guy with a cash discount :roll: After all this, I walk back to my truck, and my brother is in the driver seat, I asked what was up, and he told me he had a bad feeling about this guy, and that I was going to get "contractor-napped" and taken back to his dungeon! He was ready to chase us down it the work truck! Now that I look back, this guy did kind of have little "silence of the lambs" feel to him. "it puts the lotion on its skin"!
"Put the lotion in the basket"
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