Traffic Signalization, is it considered safety control equip related to life hazard?


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Which one of these 4 locations would include traffic signals?

ETA: I think there are places covered in the 4 locations above that might have traffic signals that would be covered, but normal traffic signals on public roads, no.
A traffic signal is not a structure on a public premise?
It's not equipment that connects to the supply of electricity?


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A traffic signal is not a structure on a public premise?
It's not equipment that connects to the supply of electricity?
It is--but it is also in the ROW of what is considered a utility--Like DOT--we are considered the owning utility--and like Tom says-- We are the AHJ as long as we meet or exceed State and NEC standards


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Forgot to add---I agree--sort of--I think you could make an argument that 90.2(B)(5)c & d could apply

c. Are located in legally established easements or
rights-of-way, or

d. Are located by other written agreements either des*ignated by or recognized by public service
commis*sions, utility commissions, or other regulatory agen*cies having jurisdiction for such Installations. These written agreements shall be limited to installations for the purpose of communications, metering, gen*eration, control, transformation, transmission, or distribution of
electric energy where legally estab*lished easements or rights-of-way cannot be ob*tained.
installations shall be limited to federal lands, Native American reservations through the
U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs, military bases, lands controlled by port
au*thorities and state agencies and departments, and lands owned by railroads.

Informational Note to (4) and (5): Examples of utilities may include those entities that are
typically designated or recognized by governmental law or
regulation by public service/utility com*missions and that install, operate, and maintain electric supply (such as generation,
transmission, or distribution systems) or communications systems (such as telephone, CATV,
Internet, sat*ellite, or data services). Utilities may be subject to compliance with codes and
standards covering their regulated activities as adopted under governmental law or regulation.
Additional infor*mation can be found through consultation with the appropriate governmental
bodies, such as state regulatory commissions, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and the
Federal Com*munications Commission.
You run into same issues with general roadway lighting. I don't get into that, but seems that when a contractor installs it around here it is usually permitted and inspected to NEC, but if the municipality that operates it installs it it will not get a permit or inspection - and may or may not follow NEC.