Does anyone have good leads for training courses (in person) for any of the following:

Thermal Imaging

Motor Controls

Medium Voltage Terminations



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For medium voltage terminations, I know 3M at least offers training free as long as you supply the materials (not cheap). Otherwise there are cable splices schools for utilities that teach you basically everything and supply everything up to 230 kv but these are serious investments.

For motor controls Trainco does a decent job. Realistically the industrial maintenance training modules do a pretty good job top such as TPC.

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For thermal imaging the vibration schools often do it as a one day class. Just look for vibration certification. Realistically this is more of an apprentice thing though. There are just too many false positives/false negatives that you learn on the job.

Every class you are asking for is basically apprentice training in a motor shop field service group. Might want to just sign up! Seriously we (large motor shop field service) do more medium voltage terminations than anyone in the area and most of what you are describing. All of those areas except motor controls are skills so you are on the right track as far as book learning vs. hands on. But it doesn't get exercised very often even in large petrochemical/paper/mine mills. Best to leave it to guys that do it all the time.

By way of example last weekend a large local paper mill in the Carolinas had roughly a 1000 HP synchronous motor. They felt they had a ground fault on the rotor. Since they didn't want us to troubleshoot not sure where the real issue was. They disconnected the fields and fired it up to test, TWICE. Anyone that has ever done this knows the rest of the story...the rings arc, bad. In this case the stress also took out a field coil. it needs a rewind. Oh and by the way they did some improvements over time and built right over the top of it so now the equipment it drives and the sync motor have to be bull rigged out to change or repair it and it looks easily like a 3 day job just for rigging both ways.

All this happened because they got their own instrument techs trained and decided they could handle this one themselves.

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there are plenty of training institutes that offer modules in the following topics that you have described you have to look which one is better for you.


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Electrical 101 - Need direction. Where to start

Electrical 101 - Need direction. Where to start

Hello, I want to reach out to you guys and see if you can help me get started in the electrical world. I am marketing guy with a passion for electrical and need help getting started. What do you recommend as far as training goes to learn about electrical. I know nothing and want to be very proficient. The help is much appreciated.