Transformer Wiring


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Minneapolis, MN
Hi, I'm far from an expert with transformers, so I'm looking for some assistance with wiring. Due to space considerations in a control panel and some changes after the fact, we have two transformers sharing the same 3-phase 480V power feed. It failed when I tried to attach a pdf, so I'll try to describe the situation...The idea was to create two 120V circuits off of the 3-phase 480V coming in. Both transformers have L1 and L2 connected to the primary, then we have the secondaries creating H1/N1 and H2/N2 circuits. The transformers were installed with the secondary neutral (X2) grounded, which makes them shared. I'm assuming this is going to cause problems sharing the neutral, so what is the proper way to accomplish this? The H1/N1 circuit is for controls, and all of the devices on the H2/N2 circuit are just heaters with their own ground connection, so I'm wondering if I could just remove the ground from N2? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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I’d say they are fine the way they are. They are not really sharing neutrals as long as the neutrals for each circuit are run only to the corresponding correct loads and not connected together anywhere else.