Two Exaggerated Factors Keeping AFCIs in the Code


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I came across this NFPA ROCM PDF from 2012:

What strikes me is how aggressively manufacturers and UL are trying to convince CMP-2 that 500 amps of short circuit current is common at the service disconnecting means and that modern breakers trip magnetically at over 300 amps.



Yet, with a bit of research both are proven unlikely.

For example even with a 10kva pole pig 1,777 amps is observed (page 4):

Time current curves of common breakers show a 6-7x magnetic pickup (105 amps):

Even UL admits their own test results are likely off...

If the CMPs were fed realistic values a simple table listing a maximum run length for each wire size would suffice while still providing complete arc fualt protection coverage.

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UL doesn't care, they know they are held to zero standard.
NRTL's verify manufacturers standards , they do not create them as they did with the simulator.....
This one unprecedented leap saw the resignation of the majority of the original nema-afci task force.
Resulting in it's chair, Dr Joe Engel's 2012 IEEE dissertation & subsequent rop