U/C lighting options


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In terms of price I feel like the LED tape light is on the higher end because it involves a little bit more labor, even if you get the tape through Amazon. I like the tape light but it’s a little more involved to install (generally I use aluminum tray and diffuser cover).

In some respects the standard sizes of U/C fixtures (line voltage) might seem expensive up front, but there’s less labor to install.

I’d be interested to hear thoughts on what others are choosing to install for U/C lighting for mid-price options...


James L

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Tape light (strip light) is faster for me, and the customers like it because it can be measured to the inch.

I put it in aluminum channel., and use 8mm strip. Then I connect the wire to the strip using a set screw solderless connector

Stub one 18/2 or 16/2 for each section, usually run it into sink cabinet. Sleeve the wire from the wall toward the front of the cabinet using small WireMold cord wrap.

So I pre-assemble my sections with the connector, use a red acrylic paint pen to mark the + screws so I know after the diffuser is on. Stick the pre-assembled units with extra strength double sided tape

I use a dimmable transformer.

For switch/dimmer I can wire a switch with dimmer to control a receptacle, or

Use a hot receptacle and use a Lutron Caseta plug-in lamp dimmer with Pico remote that can mount with a wall bracket and decora cover.

A good 120v LED UCL will cost about $20.00 per foot, plus probaly another $50-75 per foot to wire and install them.

I can offer LED strip in channel for $75 per foot installed. Once you get the hang of it, tape light makes more sense