ul passed fan cords

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I was recently asked that if you buy a new fan from a distributer and it has been UL passed, does that mean it is also OSHA approved. I say yes, but need some reasurrance from others to prove questioner wrong. Any input will be helpful.


Re: ul passed fan cords

I think it is important to understand that OSHA does 'not' approve anything...

OSHA writes standards.

You may manufacture something to meet OSHA standards, but OSHA does not approve it.

Being UL approved does not necessarily mean that it meets OSHA requirements. You can buy a two wire flat cable extension cord that is UL listed for its intended purpose, but you cannot use it on a job site per OSHA standards.

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Re: ul passed fan cords

And UL does not approve products either, the correct term is "list". An AHJ may approve products that are on a list from a product testing agency.
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