Upfront pricing/ Flat rate pricing. Need help getting started

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You’re not wrong. A flat rate book is a good sales tool though, and it’s really helpful for techs in the field that don’t understand how to formulate a profitable quote. You could say it’s peace of mind for the owner that his techs are charging correctly.

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i agree if one's employees are forwarding prices Brant, which might be the norm for larger companies , smaller companies not so much. Demographics also are a factor ,which nationally assumed software is less than accountable for ~RJ~

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I found this one online. You have to adjust some things for sure (material) but it’s been a decent tool to use.
Based on this document it cost, or is an honest charge of $743 to a runs 12/2 Romex 50’? Seems like a lot to me here in OKC. Am I a little naive? What I think should take maybe a couple of hours.
$350/ hr. Should it really be that? I think it even said 1.33 hours and $35 for material.


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I charge a dispatch fee to go to a customers home it’s $79 plus tax I don’t do free estimates. If they can’t pay me a dispatch fee their not my customer it helps to qualify them. It will weed out a lot of the tire kickers. My base rate is $372 per hour, but my day rate is $1488.00. So how I normally set my pricing is I take my 372 divid it by 60 minutes which is $6.20 per minute. So for example I know it takes 15 minutes to change a AFCI breaker on average. So I have Afci breaker at $60 plus mark up of 30% =85.71
15 minutes times $6.20 per minute = 93
So the total cost for changing a Afci breaker 178.71
Where did you come up with these numbers? They seem extremely high and also quite random.