Upside down meter base and disconnect

we have a very narrow wall and the only 400 amp meter base / disconnect we can find with an 11-1/2” width is an overhead feed but we are under ground.
The panel (Milbank M400-APS-BS) will be fully enclosed and not exposed to weather so I am not concerned with inverting the panel. That said I am concerned with the meter readout. Can you please tell us if we can install the panel upside down, yet have the meter read right side up?


Electron manager
does the main breaker(s) operate vertically or horizontally? On must be up position if vertically.

If you plug meter in "upside down", reading should decrease as energy is consumed.

Little Bill

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Even if an inspector might approve this, most likely the POCO will not. They are used to terminating their wires in a certain spot and wouldn't want to have to look to make sure which way is right.


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Also the meter has to be listed for underground. A 400 amp meter/main for ug is bigger than what you have (the ones I've used) and has a barrier so your ug conductors can enter the bottom and terminate line side of meter and be isolated from load side conductors.

Dennis Alwon

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I cannot imagine that install being allowed. I would not pass it and I am certain the power company will not go for it. It looks like a disaster waiting to happen
Thank you all. Thought this might be odd and you confirmed. Given the narrow access we will go with a 400 amp pedestal which is 13” wide. Milbank U2849-0-2/200. We can mount in the wall. Believe it or not, every inch counts since we are between two concrete columns.


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I can guarantee we wouldn’t set a meter in that installation. Too much potential for someone getting hurt while connecting, disconnecting meter.