Using 3-ways as s/p switches


Cost Factor

Cost Factor

I recently helped out a fellow contractor finalize a residential installation. All he had on his truck was 3-way switches and wanted to use them up, so he used them for all switching applications throughout the house. In any cases where a s/p switch should have been used the up position was "on". So, aside from the switch not being marked "on" and "off" is there any Code violation ? Thanks.
I have dealt with Residential Contractors that have used only 3 way switches in all their housing. They ordered up Decora I.E. Rocker Switches from online that are unfortunately U.L. Approved stamped on them and come from China. The bottom stablock holds the wire but the upper never does a design flaw so, they wrap the wire around the screw. They purchase them for around $1.09 Each vs the supply house bands made here in US that run around $2.95 each, and in general it is to cut the cost of product to either underbid the job or attempt to make more money.
We have gone in and cleaned up a few of these homes and found the switches to be cheap and garbage. No one fail the inspections for not having "ON" since they are decorator switches they do not have it.
This being said I would say that the person you help made a smart decision:happyyes: to use the 3way switches to keep from making a trip back to the shop or supply house which would of cost the contractor more money than using a few 3way switches. (as long as they were the Quality Brand sold in the supply houses). As an Electrical Wireman if you don't know what your into close it up and get someone who does.
Just a passing comment.