Utilization of couplings on a service Mast


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Portland, Oregon
Recently I replaced added a service disconnect/meter socket to an existing system and added new SE to the utility as it was to short for the new panel. The inspector noticed there was a coupling on the old 50 year old+ service mast and said it needed to be removed. First, if I removed it this would violate the PUD's 18" rule to the roof, but secondly, doesn't the NEC 230.28 Masts as Supports allow for coupling if there is a support to the roof above it such as guy wires? "where the coupling is located above the last point of securement to the building".IE Utilization of couplings for a mast are permitted only below the point the mast is braced, secured, or supported.


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IMO the inspector would cite 230.28(B). The issue is the part in bold and as to whether or not braces or guys wires comply with that requirement.

230.28(B) Attachment. Service-drop or overhead service conductors shall not be attached to a service mast between a weatherhead or the end of the conduit and a coupling, where the coupling is located above the last point of securement to the building or other structure or is located above the building or other structure.