Veteran Owned Small Business Certification and Contracts. Is it worth and why????

I own a small electrical contracting business(9 people) and i am a veteran, which could qualify my business to be recognized as a Veteran Owned Small Business or VOSB. It is my understanding that there are requirements and set asides/contracts similar to what you find with WBE and MBE businesses. Mainly it helps with obtaining federal contracts and working at federally owned properties. Does anyone have experience with being a VOSB? It's a difficult, lengthy and expensive process to become certified so is it worth it???


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Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. I had to certify for a State job years ago. I have not persued any Federal Contracts so other than being what I am, I can offer no help. You may want to look at some of the Federal jobs in your area and decide if it's the type of work you want to persue. If it is, and you feel like you can win those contracts, go for it!​


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The principal of the GC my wife works for was (he has since passed away) a Service-Disabled Veteran. As such they did work for VA hospitals. To qualify for that work you have to be service disabled. Just being a veteran probably doesn't get you much unfortunately.