Warning: PG&E on the warpath

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A few polaris connectors and a meter bypass plate would take care of it till the line crew comes......

Then they will charge you for stealing power.

These guys have you by the Huevos, you move an inch they will squeeze 'em.

That is insane, I can't imagine leaving them like that. I would have called every politician and news station that I could.

PG&E will turn the tables around and accuse the contractor of wrong doing. They have deeper pockets and better relation with the media.


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That is insane, I can't imagine leaving them like that. I would have called every politician and news station that I could.

they really don't care, to be honest.

the only thing that really makes any difference here is the threat of a written
complaint *from an attorney's office* to the CPUC, who regulates them,
and in turn is subject to various political pressures.
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According the them.....YES!
Few years ago for first time pge showed up after I cut and demoed panel for upgrade they cut power at pole. Asked line man if I get permit and inspection that day if he would come reconnect. I could tell he didn't think I could and kinda gave me tip that they only come if smart meter is down for 20 or more minute otherwise looked as glitch. I keep pictures of badly burned panels and sent my help to city with pics and said a 90 women with health needs lived there and needed permit and inspection that day. Luckily I got the lady with elderly grandma and had inspection before I was even close to usual required
Items before release. Inspector did look twice at cut on roof but saw my work is clean to code torqued and safe. And passed me! Don't think it would always go so good but trick I learned from info from line man. Light bulb went on I made temp meter encloser with gfci and serge protection. So out too and ability to run few plugs for home owner and ac if needed. I will get permit still and do cut myself and reconnect meter is only down for 5 minutes max at begining and end of install Call for inspection sometime inspector will notice ask if I called pge and how can I show them I torqued. I make sure to right all torque requirements and different size wire requirements inside door in sharpie. Inspectors have been ok with and give meter relies just tell me to call for connection even though it's connected by me already just since pge is responsible for line to panel. Homeowners cant be down for weeks. Just make sure to do clean work electrical right and safe and thing go easier.


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