What kind of seal?

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In the 2005, you don't need an explosion proof seal when leaving a class I Div II location. The 2005 also changed the area under the fuel dispensers as unclassified, but you still have to seal at each end,

So, my question is: What type of seal is required when leaving an unclassifed location and entering a different unclassified location?


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Re: What kind of seal?

Ah, those unintended consequences.

My basic position is, if you believe the seal is necessary at all, it should be explosionproof.

After msd posted the new 514.8 requirements, I checked the ROP/ROC for the history. Arts 511 through 516 are something of an anomaly; many of the accepted proposals are correlations with Standards from Technical Committees that don?t report to the NFPA through the NEC Technical Correlating Committee. In this case, the Technical Committee on Automotive and Marine Service Stations . It was their intent that the seal be explosionproof if you read the original substantiation. [They referenced 501.5(A)] CMP14, ?clarified? the location of the seal but failed to note whether it should be explosionproof or not.
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