What to do when you are working for a heating and cooling company and they have no idea what NFPA70E stands for


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why don't you just go some were else. Sound like you care for quality work and safety alot of company would want that. JUST quit.
You may have answered this question I have been reading off and on since this post started.


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Osha 30 card, NFPA70E cert, Confined spaces cert, licensed sparky. You’d think I was but nope.
They literally have no concept of these things. This is why in my eyes, being the qualified person, I’m not wearing polyester and push for a safety program. Just ToolBox talks would do but no.

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Licensed sparky would be something you obtain from some regulatory organization. Those other things you mention are likely in house training and actual training content could vary from one employer to another where the regulatory organization is going to have standards that are (supposed to be and usually are) uniform to all. But at least even those in house training sessions are addressing hazards and ways to deal with them and are better than every man for himself and help eliminate having management pushing results regardless the consequences to employees to some extent.