Whole Generator Transfer switch question


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Wired in a 20 KW Generator and inspector insisted he will not pass job until I change the existing SE wire for Stove to 3wire wg . Same goes for the 3 wire # 10 to dryer . Apparently he told me N.C. amendments say so ? I cant find where it says you have to change an existing wite to 4 wire on Stoves or Dryers ? Dont you think it would be a good idea to spell it out ? He said if it's too difficult he will accept a GFI 50 amp breaker on range . Problem is the gfi blows do to an issue with an old stove . Now do I tell the homeowner that not only does he have to pay me for the fix that he also has to by a new stove ? Something dont make sense . P.S. I have no issue in other areas in N.C. with the same application all of them passes . How can he not give the Homeowner the violation and give him time to fix it , if in fact it is N.E.C. ? The Transfer Switch, Generator and Panel are all in compliance! The existing wires aren't! So how is this logical that he cant get the Generator energized? What if the HO says hes disconnecting the stove and Dryer ? I did not plan on this added time. Sorry for the rant !