wire scrap

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One of my guy's tears motors apart maybe 4 a week an separates copper from metal , don't know what he gets but says he will take all the motors we replace haa
Pure gold baby!! This can of stripped stuff is about $800


I now strip #8 and larger with a manual stripper.


I need to finish this pile and head to the scrap yard.

I keep seperate cans for THHN, Romex and bare. I even started saving cat5.

You guys are MONGO maniacs!
FYI, I save it if 4 feet or longer, 14 AWG and over, incl. BX and Romex. Strip by hand after work. Can't bother with cloth-wrapped, too hard to strip, cloth covering had asbestos woven in (cough,cough). Easiest to cut is TW and THHN. Old cloth-served RW was TOUGH!


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I think we get nearly a buck a piece for ballasts, I don't know how the seperate the copper out of them.

Are you talking about a regular 4 foot 2-tube fluorescent ballast? Or are they only paying that amount for the older style magnetic type?

The newer ones don't have much of anything in `em .... you can't even use them for a paperweight they're so light ... :roll:


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Last trip was over 6K cash, once it was in my hand I was out of that neighborhood ASAP.:grin:

First time I ever went to a scrap yard was back in 89. My boss had this huge pile of it in the back room of the shop. He had me come in on a saturday and load it into one of the trucks, gave me the address of a place in South Boston and away I went. got there unloaded all the wire into a hopper and was given a piece of paper with a number.

When your number was called you were escorted into an office. The door was closed behind you and there were these 4 huge guys standing and one guy sitting behind a desk. I was scared to death. I could not get out of there fast enough. I think it came to almost 5 grand. My boss gave me $300 cash for the trip.
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