Wiring in Swimming Pools


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New York, NY
HI all,
I'm in the process of designing a new swimming school in NYC. My questions are the following (we're designing based on the 2008 NEC plus amendments (considered the 2011 NYC Electrical Code):

1. In the mechanical rooms that have chemical storage, dehumidifiers, and other equipment serving the pool, as well as the actual area with the pool:
a) can the fire alarm wiring be exposed? i'm assuming not because it will be damaged by the chemicals... should the fire alarm wiring be fully encased in RMC?
b) should the electrical / power wiring be in RMC instead of EMT?

2. In the other 'normal' areas... such as locker rooms, lobby, offices, bathrooms... these spaces are separated from the pool area:
a) i'm assuming the fire alarm wiring can be exposed in these areas?
b) i'm assuming the electrical / power wiring can be in regular EMT in these areas.

I guess the other question would be where in the 2008 NEC would it address this.