Wolf Ranges etc.


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To me the word "should" is not a requirement only a suggestion.
The word "shall" means you will do it.
I am not an Inspector but if I were I don't think I would make you run a dedicated circuit to the range because the word "should" was used.
If the word "shall" was used I would expect a dedicated circuit to the range.

This is only my opinion. I would like to hear others.
I was gonna say something along those same lines that "should" is more like "may" not "shall".


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The word "should" is the same as a recommendation. It definetly does not mean the same as "shall or will."
"Installation instructions provided with UL listed products are reviewed as part of the listing investigation. Manufacturer's recommendations that are part of the installation instructions should be followed in order to comply with NEC section 110.3(B). The AHJ should expect all installation instructions provided with UL listing to be available for review at the time of inspection."

This is a UL response to a question of following manufacturer's installation instructions found in the minutes of the 2007, 2006, 2004 and 2002 annual UL meetings with IAEI.

Similar answers can be found in the 2001 May and November issues of IEAI news UL Question Corner