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How do I handle 690.14 (4) and 690.14 (5)
I would like to use a Switchboard to COMBINE twelve Utility Interactive Inverters.
I view this section as no more than six switches for DISTRIBUTION without a main disconnect
I could virtually parallel all twelve inverters together in a Polaris Lug after the disconnect at each inverter and before the main Disconnect. NOTE: there are no branch circuits connected to this system and 690.64 (B) should not apply.

Does the six disconnect in 690.14 (4) apply if there is no ?load? such as branch circuits involved.
I will only be COMBINING the AC inverters together to a much larger conductor.

George Stolz

Staff member
I'm not sure about your question, a little busy this morning to crack the book - but aren't the inverters listed to be connected to a small OCPD apiece? I assume you're connecting the smaller runs to make a single larger run, with an OCPD at it's termination. If an overcurrent condition were to take place, wouldn't it potentially damage the individual inverters?


690.15 disconnection of Photovoltaic Equipment
......Such as Inverters
......Energized from more than one source.........Shall be grouped
A Single disconnecting means in accordance with 690.17 shall be permitted for the combined AC output of one or more inverters..........

690.17 Switch or Circuit Breaker

690.14 (5) Grouping
The photovoltaic system disconnecting means shall be grouped with other disconnecting means for the system to comply with 690.14 (C) (4). A photovoltaic disconnecting means shall NOT be required at the photovoltaic module or array location

Question again:
Is 690.14 (C)(4) have to do with six switches for distribution and can I COMBINE twelve inverters in one switchboard, to provide a connection point for a single point of disconnect for the AC Combiner as in 690.17?
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