Can lights


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If it's not a wiring issue, the only other things that come to mind are:

1) It's a low voltage can with a transformer built in which has a delay (some MR16 cans do this)
2) She had a dimmer installed recently which is the new CFL/LED type. Some of the ones I've put in have a delay built in
3) She has an LED or CFL in it and doesn't know it
4) Bad dimmer or switch


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Seen fans with watt limiter to prevent consumer from using bulbs bigger than allowed, I wonder if they would cause the delay?
very likely, I have removed a couple of these from the circuit before as they were malfunctioning. Before anyone throws me under the bus on this, how are you going to ever put in too large of a candelabra base lamp when they are only made in 60 watt max, and the fixture says 60 watt max? If you try to modify the c-base to fit something else, then Darwin's theory kicks in if you burn your house down.