Converting a Radian 400amp 3ph Interlock PDP to an 800amp single main system

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Hey folks,

So I recently got a very nice deal on a Radian (RAD-PDP100KW-0027) "100KW" Military Power Distribution Panel. The panel basically consists of two primary input terminals, each wired to a GE Spectra RMS 400amp 3phase 600VAC MCCB (SGLA36A10400). Both of these breakers sit side by side, connected to the main busways and their operation is primarily separated via a mechanical metal device that prevents both of them being on at the same time.

I understand that the purpose behind this setup is to segregate separate power sources. However, given that the downstream breakers total 1,000amps/3ph, I've been digging into how to convert this unit into a single power source 800amp/3ph PDP. After doing some reading on these forums, I've come to the conclusion that given the simplicity of the design, the fact that being a military commissioned product it's overspec'd to at least 200% at its weakest point, and that the enclosure is huge, my best bet is to simply cut the busways, separate the system into two identical 400amp/3ph PDPs (obviously would have to move a few things around and provide some insulation between the copper bars.

The reason I'm reaching out to this community is in hopes that if anyone has a better idea (be it easier, safer, etc.). I would greatly appreciate any input.

I can't seem to attach photos so here is a link to the PDP's manual, which lays out in great detail everything there is to know about it. https/cdn.greenmounta

Thank you!
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