Estimating the wiring of ductless vent hood in food court in La.

Hey guys, I'm giving an estimate on a job where a food court has a Wells Mfg. mvu-72 ductless vent hood. This is a hood system that re-circulates exhaust. I'm running power from panel board to hood terminal block through contactors to (2) 40 amp fryers and one 90 amp range. Does anyone have any experience in what kind of inspection process there is with the state fire marshal , I live in Louisiana. Thanks


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Usually they verify the Ansul system shuts down everything. This hood is prewired so everything should be OK if you wire the contactor coils through the auxiliary contacts provided.


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YOU don't have to have to worry about any inspection for anything other than the electrical you provided. Any other inspections required are the responsibility of the GC or owner to obtain and pay any fees for.