Has this ever happen to anyone else

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There was a locally affiliated (but state employed) inspector here that once berated a woman for not offering him a cold coke when he arrived to inspect her house. He chewed her out for several other non-legal issues too...

1 town where I used to work, a roll of wire to the inspector was your ticket to passing a borderline inspection....
I never had to bribe anybody to pass inspection. I just like being friendly.


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I had a very important inspection today on a job ive been on for a while, I did pass, but i was so nervous leading up to it that i couldnt sleep. I been thinking about this inspection all week I went over everything in my head at least a dozen times. I carry the code book around with me like it was my child, and even call other electricians and was asking them questions. I wrote down potentional issues that the inspector may have, I explain in writing my reason for doing something and I also put the code pages down and made sure i had my code book label so I could go right to it. So today at 1130 the inspector shows up on the job, checks a couple of things ask me some general questions and approves the job. I was happy that I pass but felt like I was worried over nothing, guess I need to have more confidence in my work. He said to me that it was a nice clean job and he didnt need to see anything else. I was proud of myself and now I can sleep. :)

Cool. Nice job.:thumbsup:


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1 town where I used to work, a roll of wire to the inspector was your ticket to passing a borderline inspection. I was a green helper at the time; glad I was not put in the position to do or not do that. Co. I worked for had no problem with a foreman doing it. I saw it happen on an apt job where we were a few inches over 12 ft on a couple of receptacle placements. That inspector owned a few rental houses. "Donations" like that helped him keep them up cheaply.

500 feet of 500 copper as a minimum please, this will guarantee passing first time:lol:


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Better than donuts...

In one town where I did a lot of industrial work, the local inspector had a heart attack (full cardiac arrest) on site one day and I was the only person who knew (or admitted to know) CPR, so I managed to keep him alive until the paramedics arrived. When he recovered and came back to work, my inspections with him were very "friendly", meaning that if he found something he let me correct it in front of him, or once even promise to correct it (which I did of course). When he retired a couple of years later, he apparently put in a good word for me with his successor and the good relations continued until I left the area.

It's not that I needed the help ( ;) ), but my experience in other areas with inspectors on industrial jobs tended to be contentious, because I felt for the most part many of them were out of their league, especially when it came to things like VFDs and Soft Starters. I had to spend a lot of un-paid time educating them (to be fair, this was 15+ years ago now, probably not still the case).
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