Is this configuration possible?

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I'm in the process of finishing the building of a bathroom with two adjoining bedrooms. The wires are all ran to the boxes. My confusion is the bathroom, it has two track lights, a main light, a fan, and 2 plugs. Then it has 3 switches on each side. One plug has two wires(line,switch box1), the other has 1 wire. Switch box 1 has 4 wires(hot, track light, light, fan) the wire labelled "hot" only has power with the plug connected. Switch box 2 has wires(tracklight, light, fan) both track lights have 1 wire. The main light has 4 wires (2 light, 2 fan) the fan has no exposed wires. All the "wires" are 2 wire romnex(black, white, ground)

My confusion is my understanding of 3 way switches requires 3 wire romnex. So is it even possible to use the current configuration safely, or just new wire be ran?


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